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  •  Written translations

    Written translations

    Types of translations:

    1) translation of documentation
    2) translation of marketing and business materials
    3) translation of civil document
    4) translation of visa documents
    5) translation of books
    6) translation of feature materials and periodical

  • Interpretation


    The interpretation process consists of two types:

    1. consecutive interpretation
    2. simultaneous translation

  • Cooperation


    In any situation, be it a business communication in a foreign language, or translation of documents on a product or webpages, or notarized translation of documents, our company will be reliable partner for you to provide with high quality services: translators for business dialogue and negotiations, court sessions.

A&L Simonyan translation office

A&L Simonyan translation office is an element of the Simonyan group of companies and was established in 2001. We are pleased to welcome you on our website providing you information on A&L Simonyan translation office. We are well prepared and ready to develop answers and solutions to your questions and problems using our long-time expertise and experience as well as our extended multinational networks. And, of course, we gladly provide our expert assistances for evaluation of your present business activities.

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It is our goal

to offer our customers a perfect service with the highest quality, adherence to deadlines and speed.

Our service

Concerning written documents needed to be translated as well as for oral interpretation activities we are able to provide these legal services in tight cooperation with our associate in law matters, an highly renowned law office suggesting ways on improving effectivity and streamlining, too.

Realm of Consulting Services

If situation does require, in cooperation with our partner which is renowned law office, we can provide in-depth consulting service for labor law as well as on asylum law.


The focus of our translation and interpreting activities is primarily on the languages of the CIS countries: Here we cover all languages and dialects and thus connect these countries with Europe.

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We are your partner for linguistic services at the highest level.

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