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Generally sworn interpreter
Authorized translator

A&L Simonyan translation office is an element of the Simonyan group of companies and was established in 2001 and offers high quality and on time services to our clients. Many trade organisations and government agencies cooperate with our company. Among our clients there are representatives of different fields and sectors, such as mechanical engineering, plastics production, light industry, automobile and chemicals industry, pharmacology and production of pharmaceuticals, information technology, finances, as well as food industry, production of beverages and packing materials. Within our services we provide translations of technical manuals, international contracts/agreements and business communication, economic reports, commercial proposals, technical documents, construction plans, web page materials etc.

In order to ensure high quality services of our company, we cooperate exclusively with professional translators and interpreters with extensive experience in the respective field. The competitive advantage of our company is based on high qualitye and prompt translations on time. Every translated text is checked in our company free of charge. At our clients’ request contracts and documents (i.e. certificate of birth, marriage or passport) or any kind of document can be notarised by our company. If you are interested in learning more about our translation services, please contact us and you will receive a tailor-made offer at a highly competitive price. Just contact us – it’s worth a call!

We provide all kind of written (including notarised) and oral translations from / into the following languages. Information on translations in other languages/ dialects are provided on request.